03. Jul 2023

Bermondsey Electronics begins ISO9001:2015 journey

After some years working in quality controlled environments and seeing the benefits, Bermondsey Electronics Ltd. announces its decision to pursue ISO9001 certification. The move aims to ensure superior quality control across the Company’s outputs. This requires extending the existing product design cycle control outward to the remainder of the Company’s processes.

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems. It provides a framework to help organisations establish and maintain robust processes for continuous improvement. By obtaining this certification, Bermondsey Electronics aims to align its operations with global best practices, and reinforce a reputation for high quality deliveries.

The decision to pursue certification underscores a commitment to providing quality controlled products and services. The certification process involves comprehensive external evaluation of the company’s quality management system, working through areas including risk management, opportunity assessment and operational workings. The overarching focus on customer satisfaction ensures this is at the forefront of all interactions.

By implementing ISO9001, a focus on continuous improvement can be nurtured, while encouraging employees to actively participate in improving customer deliveries. Allowing employees to take ownership of their activities helps foster a culture of care.

Our first audit, carried out by BSI Group, took place on June 27th 2023 and resulted in 3 minor NCRs. Our second audit is scheduled for later in 2023.

The decision to embark on certification was not taken lightly and reflects our commitment to delivering superior products. New product introduction (NPI) is typically fraught. The goal at Bermondsey Electronics is to make the process repeatable, documented, verifiable, timely, predictable and transparent. ISO9001 certification should help us in this goal. Our friends at  3Point1 Developments will be joining us on this journey soon!

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