01. Sep 2023

ISO9001: Recommended For Certification

On August 22nd, Bermondsey Electronics had its second ISO9001 assessment. We are proud to report we have been recommended for certification.

Internally we follow a documented development procedure. We start by gathering customer requirements. We write a test plan. For customers in industries requiring it, we complete a traceability matrix, allowing traceability of requirements to deliverables. We do the expert work and return with a test report. For those customers requiring it, we may take part in product risk assessments.

There are other ways to develop products, but for customers prepared to engage in the process, there’s no more efficient way to scope the work than this. It helps us all keep within agreed scope and reduces the risk of requirements being missed.

ISO9001 certification further qualifies the process by expanding scope out from the core development process to cover the business as a whole. We have more in place than just a development process. The time and cost of certification demonstrates a willingness on our part to improve our business, not just our development process, continuously. We do not just make bold claims about how we do business, we carry them out too.

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