26. Aug 2022

Simulate User Interaction & Hardware Faults

If your product is to interface with mechanical devices such as switches and buttons, BELIeVE can be used to control an interface board. For example, the switching sides of relays on the interface board can be connected to the DUT’ I/O pins that are intended to connect to switches/buttons in the real world.

BELIeVE can drive the relays to simulate user button pushes. Moreover, if your product has several such interfaces, you can quickly exercise all permutations and conditions (long and short button pushes, switch bounce etc.).

You can also use BELIeVE and the interface board to simulate cables being pulled during different modes of operation to observe (via the debugger and/or instruments) how your system reacts to such an interruption. In addition, you can simulate open circuits and shorts in the cables.

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