26. Aug 2022

Test Analogue I/O

Analogue inputs can be exercised in much the same way as the DUT’s input power; i.e. using your benchtop PSU to apply lower and higher values than expected and to make step changes. For more advanced tests on the DUT’s analogue inputs, a waveform generator can be used to simulate complex waveforms. For measuring analogue outputs, BELIeVE would record measurements from a DMM, oscilloscope or spectrum analyser.

Moreover, tests can be integrated. For example, if your product is to connect to a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT), BELIeVE can record from a DSO to check for the presence of the excitation sinewave (on the DUT’s analogue output) and it can use a waveform generator to replicate the two sinewaves produced by an LVDT.

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