26. Aug 2022

Test Digital I/O

BELIeVE can exercise your product’s digital inputs by driving a digital pattern generator. For example, you may have designed your product to interface with a digital encoder (which outputs Gray code for example) in order to capture a speed or rotary position. Indeed, your product’s PCB might carry several connectors to accept (parallel) digital data, through ribbon cable, from things like keypads, for example. BELIeVE can put data onto those connectors.

BELIeVE can record the DUT’s digital outputs using a DSO or a logic analyser, where the latter is ideal for capturing long traces. Many logic analysers on the market allow for multiple triggers (which can themselves be conditional/sequential). BELIeVE can not only record the data captured pre- and post-trigger but it can also halt or pause the test by removing or freezing input conditions. As a minimum, because all data is timestamped, it will always be possible to cross-reference input conditions to an output. Cause and effect, at its best.

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