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Addressing skills gaps when developing embedded firmware systems

In the dynamic product development sector, the demand for professionals skilled in embedded software development has never been more competitive. Our industry grapples with an evolving technical landscape, driven by the complexities of IoT and advanced device functionalities. Finding adequately talented people to drive innovation and maintain quality has become increasingly challenging. In this article, we’ll explore how the embedded software development skills landscape has transformed in recent times.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and complex device functions

Rapid development of IoT connected devices has significantly changed the landscape of embedded software development. Devices today are expected to perform increasingly complex functions, from smart home devices that can be controlled from a smart phone, to fully networked intricate industrial machinery. This evolution demands a higher level of expertise not only in software development but also in understanding the nuanced interplay between software, communications protocols, networks, security and hardware.

Recruiting skilled firmware developers for IoT connected devices is challenging because there’s a complex interoperability of various components and diverse skills required. It’s not enough for engineers to excel in just one area; they need an expansive skill set spanning multiple domains. For instance, they must potentially understand Bluetooth technology, battery management, USB connectivity, internet protocols, server connections, network infrastructure, management systems, 5G networks, Wi-Fi, and security protocols. Understanding of these elements is crucial for the seamless operation of IoT devices and systems. Additionally, embedded software developers must also have a strong grasp of cybersecurity considerations to safeguard devices against potential vulnerabilities. The multifaceted nature of IoT technologies demands a comprehensive skill set and a deep understanding of various interconnected components, making it challenging to find suitably qualified developers.

Complex Bluetooth integrations

Hiring experienced firmware developers for Bluetooth connected device development presents several challenges rooted in the complex nature of the Bluetooth standard and its practical implementation. Firstly, mastering the extensive Bluetooth standard requires a deep understanding of its various specifications and protocols, which can be a steep learning curve for software developers. Even with this knowledge, effectively integrating Bluetooth functionality with devices as diverse as smartphones and operating systems poses significant hurdles. This real-world application often requires troubleshooting and fine-tuning to ensure seamless compatibility, a skill set which is honed through experience. Moreover, the testing phase of Bluetooth systems is intricate and prone to numerous potential pitfalls. The sheer volume of components to test and the possibility of unexpected errors make thorough testing a meticulous and time-consuming process. Consequently, navigating the complexities of Bluetooth technology demands both theoretical knowledge and practical problem-solving skills, making it challenging to find sufficiently qualified engineers for these roles.

The explosion of IoT devices has lead to Bluetooth connectivity becoming fundamental in many embedded systems. Bermondsey Electronics boasts significant expertise in Bluetooth integrations, a critical component in today’s interconnected device ecosystem. Our proficiency in creating reliable and secure Bluetooth connections places us at the forefront of IoT developments.

Expertise in Linux

Linux is a cornerstone in the realm of embedded systems. Sourcing sufficiently skilled professionals for Linux based projects is challenging due to the rapid pace of change within the Linux ecosystem. Unlike some other technologies that maintain a stable environment for extended periods, Linux is constantly evolving. This means adapting to new hardware chips, emerging technologies, and performance enhancements. Staying proficient in the Linux area requires running faster just to stay still. Additionally, there’s a tendency towards ten-year obsolescence in the industry, meaning technologies become outdated relatively quickly. This necessitates the development of new programming languages and toolsets to keep pace with evolving demands. Keeping up with these rapid changes requires a deep commitment to ongoing learning and staying abreast of industry advancements. Skilled developers must dedicate themselves to a long-term journey of continuous learning, which demands significant time, commitment, and resources.

Bermondsey Electronics’ continually invest in keeping our Linux skills up to date and moving in line with industry trends. Our continuously maintained proficiency in Linux enables us to develop versatile and robust embedded software solutions.

Advanced software testing

Embedded software requires a unique skill set that combines knowledge of software testing principles with an understanding of hardware interactions and constraints. Developers must possess both software development expertise and a solid grasp of hardware components. Embedded systems often operate in resource-constrained environments, such as microcontrollers or low-power devices, which necessitates specialized testing techniques to ensure correct functionality and performance. A thorough understanding of real-time systems and protocols, add further complexity to the role.

Reinforcing the critical role of software testing in the development process, Bermondsey Electronics has developed robust methodologies for advanced embedded firmware testing. Our approach ensures that software is not only functional but also meets the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability, a necessity in today’s complex embedded systems.

Steep learning curve and specialised knowledge

The journey to becoming proficient in embedded firmware development is long and complex. Gone are the days when a single developer could grasp the entire spectrum of a product’s software needs. The sophistication of devices and the need for seamless software integrations mean that embedded software development is no longer a solitary endeavour but a collaborative one, demanding diverse skill sets and specialised expertise. Today’s embedded systems require deep understanding of various programming languages, hardware interfaces, and software architectures. Training new talent in this multifaceted domain is not only time-consuming but also requires a dedicated approach to mastering specific technologies.

Addressing your embedded software skills gaps

In this intricate and fast-evolving environment, Bermondsey Electronics emerges as a solution to the industry’s skill challenges. With its deep-rooted expertise in various critical areas, Bermondsey Electronics stands out as a leader in navigating the complexities of modern embedded software development.

Expert project management capabilities

Bermondsey Electronics excels in applying advanced project management methodologies. These include Vcycle, Waterfall, and Agile development principles, all built around our test-driven development methodology. This expertise ensures that projects are not only technically sound but also delivered on time and within budget. Our approach to project management is tailored to handle the multifaceted nature of embedded software projects, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Meeting product development needs with a seasoned team of embedded software developers

As the embedded software development landscape continues to evolve with increasing complexity, the challenge of finding the right talent becomes harder. Bermondsey Electronics’ depth of experience in key embedded firmware skills makes us ideal to solve your talent resourcing gaps. Our specialised expertise in IoT technology, Bluetooth integrations, advanced software testing, and Linux development uniquely positions us to meet the most demanding embedded software development projects.

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