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A powerful integration verification engine BELIeVE avaialable in two versions. 

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A Powerful Integration Verification Engine

The Bermondsey Electronics Limited Integration Verification Engine (BELIeVE) verifies that your product’s software and hardware are functioning together as intended.

BELIeVE is a cost-effective application that automates the operation of your existing T&M equipment and unleashes its full potential. Also, there’s a minimal learning curve as BELIeVE is powered by JavaScript and employs industry standard interfaces.

There’s virtually no limit to what BELIeVE can do.

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If you want to fast track the launch of your next product without compromising quality or reliability, we can help.

Benefits of BELIeVE?

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How does BELIeVE work?

It is an application written in JavaScript that runs on a PC with Windows 10 (or higher) and which interfaces with your networkable benchtop power supplies, signal sources and T&M instrumentation. It can also interface directly with your product. This means you can verify your product’s functionality from the outside (external influences such as supply voltages, I/O etc) and from within (fault injection and mimicking events/conditions that would otherwise be hard to replicate).

Who is BELIeVE for?


Business owners, investors and other stakeholders, you have the peace of mind that the products you take to market have been thoroughly verified during development and when manufactured. Also, product development cycles are shortened and you’re getting a far better ROI from equipment and staff.


Engineering managers and systems/integration engineers, you can use BELIeVE to satisfy yourself that your product’s hardware and software function together correctly. You can achieve complete functional test coverage, including confirming behaviour against events and conditions that would normally be hard to replicate. And if you work in a heavily regulated industry, BELIeVE can provide you with essential traceability data.


Production and QA managers, you can confirm that every unit (or at least a sample from each batch) functions as intended. In addition, BELIeVE provides full traceability, recording the equipment type used, model number, calibration date, operator name and much more. BELIeVE can also be integrated with your production software systems.


Your customers benefit greatly. They take delivery of well-designed and thoroughly tested products, the quality and reliability of which reflects on your business – making them more likely to buy other products from you in the future.

BELIeVE gets the most out of your…

Power & Signal Sources

Benchtop Power Supplies

Waveform Generators

Instrumentation & Diagnostics Equipment

Digital Multimeters

Oscilloscopes & Spectrum Analysers

Debuggers & ICT

If you’ve invested in any of the above types of equipment, BELIeVE can help you get a better ROI because our integration verification engine is the epitome of everything that is good about automation. For example, you can not only make better use of the equipment during a typical 8-hour working day, but tests can be scheduled to run during the remaining 16 hours and at weekends too – which is ideal for team-based continuous integration projects and manufacturing scenarios.
BELIeVE can also be used with scientific instrumentation, such as gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers, and industrial process monitoring equipment, such as dataloggers.

Instrumentation & Diagnostics Equipment

Gas Chromatographs

Mass Spectrometers


In short, if your equipment has an interface, BELIeVE can control it and collect data. Interfaces include:





The BELIeVE-DV user interface comprises

Test Manager

This allows you to connect to the equipment (generators, instruments etc.) needed for the tests. For example, communicating with the equipment will probably require an address and possibly a username too. Ports may need to be configured too.

Test Editor (with autocomplete)

Here you write your tests. You have access to several instructions. For example, an instruction might be to command a power supply to output 10VDC, wait 5s and then return to 0V.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

This is needed for sequencing tests that must run over large/complex toolchains.

Project Manager

This allows you to set up groups of tests, control the order of execution, and add or remove tests. It has an overview of test status.

Test Runner Debug Window

This shows you any messages you choose to log. For example, you might want to show what is happening during a standard test run or give yourself reassurance that all is well over the course of a long test run.

By harnessing the power of desktop programming and scripting, you can use BELIeVE-DV to create and run tests to exercise the product. Why is this so important? Software-in-the-loop testing (a.k.a. unit testing) does not exercise hardware. Also, with traditional write-then-debug testing (a.k.a. test-driven development, TDD), interaction with the hardware may not be taken into account. Furthermore, it can be difficult and often impossible to test all error states, especially those dependent on hardware events.

With BELIeVE-DV you can supply the design under test (DUT) with the voltages and signals (analogue and digital) it will see in the field and verify that it will respond as intended. You can also use BELIeVE-DV to push values into the DUT’s program.

Design and verification work



Believe in the functionality of your products

Design and verification work



Believe in the functionality of your products

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