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Embedded Testing

In today’s technologically advanced world, embedded software plays a crucial role in various industries, from automotive to medical devices, industrial automation to aerospace. These embedded systems are often responsible for critical functions, making their reliability and safety paramount. To meet these stringent requirements, businesses need to adopt a comprehensive approach to embedded software testing, one that encompasses the entire development process.

The Importance of Embedded Software Testing

Embedded systems are the backbone of many industries, and their seamless operation is essential for the safety and functionality of various products. Embedded software testing is the process of verifying and validating the software running on these systems to ensure it performs as intended, free from errors or vulnerabilities. The significance of embedded software testing cannot be overstated, especially when safety is a critical concern.

Testing Throughout the Development Process

Testing is often treated as a final step in the development process, with a “test and fix” approach. This leads to a final test phase at point of release, where all the various product features are tested together. This approach means interactions between new components are only apparent at the end of the development process. Here the difficulty fixing any errors increases nonlinearly. Hence, it’s imperative to shift the testing focus from the end to an approach that integrates testing throughout the entire development process.

Software Language Agnostic



Standard test-driven



C, C++, Embedded C,
Java and Python



Linux, Android,
FREERTOS and Zephyr

Embedded Software Verification

During the design verification stage, we evaluate the design’s ability to meet its intended use by testing it under real-world conditions.  This process involves verifying the product’s reliability, durability and functionality to ensure that it meets the requirements set out in the specification.

Embedded Verification Process

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Embedded Firmware Testing and Verification

At Bermondsey Electronics we understand that the heart of every electronic product lies in its firmware and software. Our commitment is to ensure your product not only meets but exceeds expectations. Here’s why our testing and design verification process stands out:


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Fault Investigation - Buildings Industry

The Bermondsey Electronics team investigated all the options and understood the complexity of our problem and how dangerous it was for our workforce. We’d already tried to have our product fixed many times and our other providers had deemed it unfixable. Their solution enabled us to finally fix the product and as a bonus, they also reduced the time requirement, cost and complexity of installation. 

An innovative solution to an “unsolvable” hardware problem

Leisure Industry

Peter’s team were professional and easy to work with. They understood our challenges and helped us overcome them. Their technical expertise enabled us to solve the difficulties we were experiencing. We valued their support and have since built a productive working relationship with them.

“A neat solution to an IoT device integration”

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Embedded Testing and Industry Standards

At the end of the embedded software development process, we have a fully functional software product that has undergone rigorous testing and meets all applicable standards. We take pride in our commitment to traceability at each step of the embedded development process, which allows us to comply with industry standards and ensure that you receive the highest quality products.

About Us

For us at Bermondsey Electronics embedded software testing is not a mere formality; it is a critical component of ensuring the safety and reliability of embedded systems in industries where safety is paramount.  At our company, we embrace these principles, offering our clients embedded solutions that meet the highest safety and quality standards. With our commitment to comprehensive testing , we provide peace of mind to businesses operating in safety-critical environments, while raising the quality bar for all our customers.

Strategic Partnership - 3Point1 Design
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Partnered with, the product design architects to deliver innovative industrial design, electronic design and software design in a simple and efficient way.

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