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Embedded Software Development

Our embedded software service delivers firmware in a controlled and timely manner. Our method guarantees repeatability and guarantees you will understand the delivery.

By doing it this way, at every step you understand what we are doing and why we do it. By the end you understand what is being delivered, and if compromises have to be made, you understand why.

If we have taken opportunities to improve the delivery, you are aware before delivery. We do not like surprises and we believe our customers don’t either.

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Embedded Software Development

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If you want to fast track the launch of your next product without compromising quality or reliability, you can rely on our embedded engineering services to deliver.

Embedded IoT Development

We frequently work with connected products. Typically there will be a sensor, some sort of data transmitter, and often a battery. This device sends data to the Web, where it is stored in a database and retrieved on demand. Customers may require us to deliver all or part of this capability.

IoT is characterised by high complexity. We have helped a number of customers get their designs off the ground. We use our in house testing tools to verify the designs work as required. We worked with a radio sensor company to develop remote sensors for public spaces – people counting, air quality and car counting, to name but three.

A major challenge was battery life, so we designed an energy efficient communications system to allow hundreds of sensors to update through a single internet connection. Without security the data is worthless, so the radio network is private and we use SSL to communicate around the Internet. Data should be end-to-end encrypted before leaving the controller, and all the way through to the destination. Our testing can prove all of these. 

Embedded Software Development

About Bermondsey Electronics

Bermondsey Electronics Limited is a highly experienced embedded system design house. Active in sectors that include aerospace, automotive, security, fitness and leisure, the company’s design and verification services shorten and de-risk product launches. These embedded engineering services also enable customers to go to market with increased confidence in their products; assured that they have been completely functionally verified.

High Reliability

Sometimes we test because product quality demands it, but other times we test because there is a regulatory requirement. Each customer knows where they lie on this spectrum.

For customers who require product quality, we prove the product performs as required (e.g. that a BLE device has enough bandwidth). For customers who require regulatory approval, we prove the specific conditions of the test are met (e.g. that a medical product does no harm during the course of treatment). Regardless of the motivation, our testing proves that your product causes minimal unintentional harm or loss.

Our motivation is proving your product works as required, under the specific conditions you require. Working in regulated industries always adds the challenge of conformity within those industries. We are here to reassure you that products can be delivered in these conditions, in a controlled and predictable manner. We are you partner to create software, which is resilient, safe, secure and behaves predictably under a wide range of conditions. 

Embedded Software Requirements

Quality Controlled Industries

Tracebility Matrix

For those customers who need it, we can trace our test report outcomes back through the software design document and the test plan, all the way back to your original requirements


Modern regulation requires consideration of failure modes during conception, design and production. We can partner with you at each of these stages to prove compliance. 

Risk Assessment

We are able to consider the risks of action, or inaction, as suitable to your product. We consider the risks at each stage of development to ensure your product is as safe as it needs to be. 

How We Work


We agree requirements with you and write them back so you know we understand them. 

Test Plan

We write this first in order to fully scope out the work required. This keeps us on track at all times. 

Expert Work

We do the work, testing as we go and will provide you with a test report when ever you require one.


We supply the code and test report for your review and approval. You can then reproduce the test report by following the same method.


Don’t take our word for it, these are kind words from our customers


Fault Investigation - Buildings Industry

The Bermondsey Electronics team investigated all the options and understood the complexity of our problem and how dangerous it was for our workforce. We’d already tried to have our product fixed many times and our other providers had deemed it unfixable. Their solution enabled us to finally fix the product and as a bonus, they also reduced the time requirement, cost and complexity of installation. 

An innovative solution to an “unsolvable” hardware problem

Leisure Industry

Peter’s team were professional and easy to work with. They understood our challenges and helped us overcome them. Their technical expertise enabled us to solve the difficulties we were experiencing. We valued their support and have since built a productive working relationship with them.

“A neat solution to an IoT device integration”
Bermondsey Electronics


Verify that your product’s software and hardware are functioning together as intended using the BELIeVE integration verification engine.  Please view our use cases to demonstrate the depth and breadth of available testing.

Design and verification work



Design and verification work



Software Language Agnostic



Standard test-driven



C, C++, Embedded C,
Java and Python



Linux, Android,
FREERTOS and Zephyr

Bermondsey Elecronics has supported 100's of product launches across hundreds of industries

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