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Embedded Software Development

As a specialist embedded software company we start by taking your requirements and returning a detailed scope and specification document together with an optional traceability matrix, to demonstrate that we can tackle not only the technical aspects of your project, but also help you meet your business objectives, such as hitting product launch dates and keeping within your NPI development budgets. 

During the embedded development stage, our embedded engineer services team work on the firmware while continuously testing and refining it.  This approach allows us to produce an embedded software product this is reliable, efficient, and easy to understand. Our embedded testing process is comprehensive and follows industry standards to ensure the quality of the final product.

Embedded Software Development Process

Our Tech Stack

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If you want to fast track the launch of your next product without compromising quality or reliability, schedule a confidential discussion with one of our embedded software consultants.

Embedded Software Languages & Testing


We have a strong partnering philosophy and are proud to be supporting companies that include:

Embedded Linux Development

We specialise in creating customised embedded Linux development solutions for our clients. We have extensive experience working on Rockchip and iMX platforms, utilising Yocto and buildroot systems to generate embedded OS images.

Embedded Linux Debugging

We are experts in debugging these platforms using in-place tools, which allows us to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise during development. Additionally, we have experience developing for MCU co-processors, and we work closely with our clients to determine when this is necessary.

How We Work


We agree requirements with you and write them back so you know we understand them. 

Test Plan

We write this first in order to fully scope out the work required. This keeps us on track at all times. 

Expert Work

We do the work, testing as we go and will provide you with a test report when ever you require one.


We supply the code and test report for your review and approval. You can then reproduce the test report by following the same method.

Embedded Testing and Industry Standards

At the end of the embedded software development process, we have a fully functional software product that has undergone rigorous testing and meets all applicable standards. As specialist embedded software company and consultants we take pride in our commitment to traceability at each step of the embedded development process, which allows us to comply with industry standards and ensure that you receive the highest quality products.


Don’t take our word for it, these are kind words from our customers


Fault Investigation - Buildings Industry

The Bermondsey Electronics team investigated all the options and understood the complexity of our problem and how dangerous it was for our workforce. We’d already tried to have our product fixed many times and our other providers had deemed it unfixable. Their solution enabled us to finally fix the product and as a bonus, they also reduced the time requirement, cost and complexity of installation. 

An innovative solution to an “unsolvable” hardware problem

Leisure Industry

Peter’s team were professional and easy to work with. They understood our challenges and helped us overcome them. Their technical expertise enabled us to solve the difficulties we were experiencing. We valued their support and have since built a productive working relationship with them.

“A neat solution to an IoT device integration”

Bermondsey Elecronics has supported 100's of product launches across hundreds of industries

Here are some of the industries that we have proudly serviced:

Software Language Agnostic



Standard test-driven



C, C++, Embedded C,
Java and Python



Linux, Android,
FREERTOS and Zephyr

Strategic Partnership - 3Point1 Design
Electronic Product Architects

Partnered with, the product design architects to deliver innovative industrial design, electronic design and software design in a simple and efficient way.

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