Interest in Integration Testing and Our In-House Verification Engine

We are pleased to report that the ‘Introduction to Integration Testing’ workshop we gave yesterday at UKEmbedded, in Coventry, was a huge success. Companies in attendance included an OEM of biomedical monitoring equipment, an OEM of sports and fitness training equipment, a life-sciences company developing advanced sensing technologies and a real-time operating system (RTOS) company. Also present were three engineering consultancies.

Delegate job titles included R&D Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer and Managing Director.

The breadth of the audience, i.e., the types of company present and the sectors they serve, reflects just how important integration verification is within the world of embedded systems right now. OEMs are under pressure to fast track the development of their products to hit target launch dates. However, they must ensure that quality and reliability are not compromised.

As well as appreciating the importance of better integration testing – thoroughly and as soon as possible within the product development lifecycle – all attendees expressed a high level of interest in our very own solution to automated integration verification; a solution which will be formally launched as a commercial Windows-based application later this year. Watch this space!

Bermondsey Electronics to give ‘Introduction to Integration Testing’ workshop at UKEmbedded Conference

Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom – Bermondsey Electronics, an embedded systems design and test house, will be giving a workshop at UKEmbedded on 12th May 2022 in Coventry. Entitled ‘An Introduction to Integration Testing’, the workshop will stress the importance of integration testing and its considerable benefits over software-in-the-loop testing (a.k.a. unit testing). A variety of industry hot topics, including continuous integration and continuous delivery, will be covered.

Also, in the full spirit of a workshop, there will be a number of practical exercises. Moreover, attendees will get to keep the development boards (and integration verification code) used during those exercises.

Peter Wrigley, Managing Director of Bermondsey Electronics, commented: “Integration testing is essential if you are to have the highest level of confidence in the product you’re developing. Whilst there’s some value in verifying software through simulation and exercising hardware in isolation, there’s absolutely no substitute for verifying that the compiled code works as intended on the target micro and interacts properly with the product’s memory, I/O and comms ports, and the outside world.”

About Bermondsey Electronics

Active in sectors that include aerospace, automotive, security, fitness and leisure, Bermondsey Electronics is a highly experienced embedded systems design house. The company’s design and verification services shorten and de-risk product launches, enabling OEMs to go to market quickly and with increased confidence in their products.

In-house capabilities include project management, hardware, software and firmware development, and design for test and manufacture (DFT & DFM). Moreover, Bermondsey Electronics has extensive experience of the technologies underpinning industry’s most exciting applications, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine (M2M), and the internet of things (IoT) and its industrial counterpart (IIoT).

Bermondsey can provide support at virtually any stage of product development – from initial concept through to the complete and thorough functional verification of prototypes – and can also oversee PCB bring-up.

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