Debugging Large Embedded Memories

One from the archives. Today we reveal some tips and tricks on debugging some difficult situations. This case study relates to development on a large memory target dating back some years. The difficulty was testing the memory correctly fills and wraps, when the target takes a long time to fill naturally. How did we increase our test coverage? Read the pdf to find out …

Debugging Large Memories on Embedded Targets

Case Study: BELIeVE with BLE

We have release to discuss a case study from a customer. Early in 2023, an issue arose around Bluetooth LE.  Specifically, there was a question of the bandwidth available to cell phones. Reports had been received of differing behaviours with different handsets. We set out to investigate.

What we found surprised us. We were able to reproduce lower bandwidth results from the field on our test equipment, without having to buy a lot of handsets for testing. Armed with this knowledge, future testing can be automated.

Getting to this stage took some effort customising the BLE library. We had to figure out how to control the bandwidth settings, and expose methods to our runtime.

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