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Validation Services

Through our design validation services, we specialise in ensuring that your design meets its intended use and user needs. Design validation is a crucial step in the product development process, as it ensures that the final product will perform as expected in real.

Software Agnostic


Standard test-diven development


C, C++ Embedded C, Java and python


Linux, Android FreeRTOS and Zephr

Validation Process

Embedded System Validation

During the design validation stage, we evaluate the design’s ability to meet its intended use by testing it under real-world conditions.  This process involves verifying the product’s reliability, durability and functionality to ensure that it meets the requirements set out in the specification.


Verification Goals

We believe that design validation should be an iterative process, involving ongoing feedback and adjustments to the design.  By doing so, we can ensure that the final product is reliable and performs as intended.

Do you have a product under development that must function exactly as intended and exhibit high reliability in the field? If so, we can help,

Industry Standards

Our team of experts has extensive experience in design validation across a wide range of industries and products.  We leverage our knowledge and expertise to identify and resolve any issues that arise during the validation process, providing our clients with the highest quality products.

About Bermondsey Electronics

Bermondsey Electronics Limited is a highly experienced embedded linux design house. Active in sectors that include aerospace, automotive, security, fitness and leisure, the company’s design and verification services shorten and de-risk product launches.  Contact us today to learn more about our embedded services and how we can help you go to market with confidence.

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