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Why Bermondsey?

Compliance Ready Medical Devices

At Bermondsey Electronics we prioritise the safety of patients and operators above all else. In the development of medical devices, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality control is paramount.

Our team is dedicated to adhering to the stringent regulations set forth by both the EU and US governing bodies.

Adherence to Common Regulations

How We Deliver Medical Innovations

From initial concept to final implementation, every step of our development process is carefully monitored and validated to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

We utilise state-of-the-art technology and best practices to conduct thorough quality control checks, including rigorous testing and validation procedures.

Bermondsey Electronics

Medical Treatment Device

Medical Treatment device

The Challenge

Delivering secure data transfer for a medical treatment device 

This customer required communication with their device in the field to validate their business model. There was a competing requirement to have as small a cybersecurity attack surface as possible, due to stringent new security requirements. The interface was challenging.


Medical Treatment Device 

We implemented QR code scanning end to end to facilitate the business model. This made the attack surface as small as possible and prevents malicious reprogramming in the field. We used secure cryptography to ensure the data remains secure in transit. We can verify algorithm performance on the desktop and in challenging lighting conditions. We optimised the code to keep scan times low and accuracy high. Our efforts enabled the device to communicate its data securely.

How We Work


For your project, this signifies a seamless integration with your QMS, ensuring adaptability in development strategies aligned with your requirements. Our team brings expertise in IEC 62304 compliance and alignment with ISO 13485, establishing clear project history through technical and project practices.

Test Plan

Our test plan for embedded medical device software includes strategies for comprehensive testing, identification of test cases and rare edge cases, execution procedures, defect management, and validation. It ensures regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and stakeholder approval before release, safeguarding safety and reliability.

Expert Work

Medical device firmware is typically coded in languages like C, C++, or Python, but we cover the full tech stack utilising GPUs, MCUs, CPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs to optimise performance and efficiency. Each component is carefully selected and integrated to meet the device’s specific requirements and performance standards.


You receive fully developed and tested firmware that meets your device specifications, documentation covering design, implementation, testing and ongoing support for maintenance and updates as agreed in the project plan.

Muscle Injury

The challenge

Presenting muscle injury data in a usable format

Our customer wanted to filter muscle injury data collected from the body. We wrote filters to present the data inside the fitness app. This offloads the processing from the insecure domain (an app, easily reverse engineered) to the secure domain (the customer product, protected by ARM secure boot technology). Presenting the data in a usable format required a lot of maths to a tight deadline. 


Muscle injury data

We leveraged Zephyr OS to bring up the platform quickly. We had Bluetooth running in under two weeks. We used our in house testing and development tools to measure performance. Zephyr offers both secure boot and secure OTA update. We leveraged both. We added a module to take advantage of ARM’s optimised assembly routines for the maths. We delivered a verified prototype in under 6 weeks. 

Muscle Injury Treatment


Don’t take our word for it, these are kind words from our customers

Fault Investigation - Buildings Industry
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The Bermondsey Electronics team investigated all the options and understood the complexity of our problem and how dangerous it was for our workforce. We’d already tried to have our product fixed many times and our other providers had deemed it unfixable. Their solution enabled us to finally fix the product and as a bonus, they also reduced the time requirement, cost and complexity of installation. 
Leisure Industry​
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Peter's team were professional and easy to work with. They understood our challenges and helped us overcome them. Their technical expertise enabled us to solve the difficulties we were experiencing. We valued their support and have since built a productive working relationship with them.
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