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BELIeVE v 1.4.0 released

Today we have updated BELIeVE with some much-requested features. Our popular 34465A DLL has been enhanced with support for its extended triggering modes and reading multiple data in a single stream. Network testing here shows we can transfer 2,000,000 readings in around 90 seconds. The test engine can process them in the blink of an […]

Case Study News: BELIeVE with BLE

We have release to discuss a case study from a customer. Early in 2023, an issue arose around Bluetooth LE.  Specifically, there was a question of the bandwidth available to cell phones. Reports had been received of differing behaviours with different handsets. We set out to investigate. What we found surprised us. We were able […]

On Requirements

The idea is often along the lines of “the problem is this” and “we will solve it like this” – Marketing 101. When the customer does not have an engineering background, this may be all there is to proceed. There is however a gap between the customer’s idea (the dream) and what is achievable within […]