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BELIeVE v 1.4.0 released

Today we have updated BELIeVE with some much-requested features.

Our popular 34465A DLL has been enhanced with support for its extended triggering modes and reading multiple data in a single stream. Network testing here shows we can transfer 2,000,000 readings in around 90 seconds. The test engine can process them in the blink of an eye and produce summary results.

We have introduced a DLL to support arbitrary IVI-VISA power supplies. Our 2280S DLL could already perform this role but support has been made explicit for multi-channel power supplies. The 2280S DLL has been enhanced with methods to read the measured voltage (for battery charging) and is API-compatible with previous releases.

Similar to the power supply, we have introduced a DLL for arbitrary IVI-VISA DMMs. This supports basic reading setup and transfers. If the specific features of your equipment are missing, it supports arbitrary text transfer in and out, to exercise any equipment you may have in the lab.

We have also made small quality-of-life improvements, including normalising highlighted keywords against ECMAScript 5.1, and three minor stability fixes.

These enhancements make BELIeVE more accessible than ever to the T&M community.

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