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Case Study: BELIeVE with BLE

We have release to discuss a case study from a customer. Early in 2023, an issue arose around Bluetooth LE.  Specifically, there was a question of the bandwidth available to cell phones. Reports had been received of differing behaviours with different handsets. We set out to investigate. What we found surprised us. We were able […]

Introducing BELIeVE – Industry’s First Independent JavaScript-Based Automated Solution for Hardware / Software Integration Verification

London, United Kingdom – Bermondsey Electronics, an embedded systems design and test house, has launched the Bermondsey Electronics Limited Integration Verification Engine (BELIeVE). A JavaScript-based solution, this advanced integration verification engine is the first of its kind and automates the operation of networkable instrumentation to exercise a device under test (DUT) and verify that its […]