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Debugging Large Embedded Memories

One from the archives. Today we reveal some tips and tricks on debugging some difficult situations. This case study relates to development on a large memory target dating back some years. The difficulty was testing the memory correctly fills and wraps, when the target takes a long time to fill naturally. How did we increase […]

Why your embedded software project should be tested throughout the development process 

Robust embedded software development lies at the heart of countless modern devices and requires a range of skills and experience. The product development industry is continually evolving, driven by rapid technical advances and increasingly complex consumer demands. The role of software testing in the development lifecycle of embedded systems has never been more critical. The […]

Why is thorough embedded software testing important to gain IEC 61508 certification?

Thorough embedded software testing is crucial for gaining IEC 61508 certification for several reasons: Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Compliance: IEC 61508 defines Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) to quantify the reliability and effectiveness of safety functions. Thorough testing is essential to demonstrate that the embedded software meets the SIL requirements specified for the safety functions it […]

Things to check when working with an IEC 61508-compliant product development company

When evaluating a company for IEC 61508 compliance, you should consider various aspects related to their processes, documentation, and overall safety management. Here are some key factors to look for: Competence and Training: Documentation and Records: Safety Lifecycle Processes: Verification and Validation: Change Management: Independence and Impartiality: Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement: Supplier and Outsourcing […]

What is IEC 61508 & why is it important for embedded software development?

IEC 61508 is an internationally recognised standard for the functional safety of safety-related programmable electronic systems. Determined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the IEC 61508 safety standard provides a framework to develop and control safety-related systems. IEC 61508 applies across all industries and sectors such as manufacturing, industrial processes, automotive, and more. Amongst other […]

BELIeVE v 1.4.0 released

Today we have updated BELIeVE with some much-requested features. Our popular 34465A DLL has been enhanced with support for its extended triggering modes and reading multiple data in a single stream. Network testing here shows we can transfer 2,000,000 readings in around 90 seconds. The test engine can process them in the blink of an […]

Case Study News: BELIeVE with BLE

We have release to discuss a case study from a customer. Early in 2023, an issue arose around Bluetooth LE.  Specifically, there was a question of the bandwidth available to cell phones. Reports had been received of differing behaviours with different handsets. We set out to investigate. What we found surprised us. We were able […]