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ISO9001: Recommended For Certification

On August 22nd, Bermondsey Electronics had its second ISO9001 assessment. We are proud to report we have been recommended for certification. Internally we follow a documented development procedure. We start by gathering customer requirements. We write a test plan. For customers in industries requiring it, we complete a traceability matrix, allowing traceability of requirements to … Continue reading “ISO9001: Recommended For Certification”

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Debugging Large Embedded Memories

One from the archives. Today we reveal some tips and tricks on debugging some difficult situations. This case study relates to development on a large memory target dating back some years. The difficulty was testing the memory correctly fills and wraps, when the target takes a long time to fill naturally. How did we increase … Continue reading “Debugging Large Embedded Memories”

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Popular Use Cases

Here are some examples of what BELIeVE-DV and BELIeVE-QA can do.

Control the Power Supply

Many industry sectors, such as automotive and aerospace, require product operation be verified over an input power range. For example, how does the DUT cope with brownouts (a temporary reduction in the supply voltage) and…

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Event Advancement

Many products are designed to enter a certain mode or perform a function after a set number of operations, as part of a maintenance strategy that is based on use rather than time in service,…

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Exercise Wired Interfaces

If your product includes wired communication ports, BELIeVE can exercise these – and the comms protocols include USB, Ethernet, CANbus, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553, RS-232, 422 and 485, GPIB, I2C, SPI, PCI, SMbus and LVDS. The verification…

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Exercise Wireless Interfaces

As with wired interfaces, it is equally important to verify that wireless communications - such as those made over Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, ANT Radio Service, LoRa and other popular protocols - function correctly and are…

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Integration / Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

The verification of control systems is essential in many industries – most notably aerospace, automotive and the nuclear, chemical and petrochemical industries – and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is a common practice. The control system is…

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Measure Power Consumption

BELIeVE can interface with multiple instruments at the same time and all recordings are timestamped and can therefore be correlated. By placing an Ammeter (or DMM in current mode) in-line with the DUT’s power supply…

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Program the DUT

By interfacing with industry standards such as JTAG, or vendor specific systems (such as Microchip’s ICSP), in-system programming (ISP) is possible through BELIeVE. Device firmware updates through USB or Bluetooth are also possible. Moreover, any…

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Simulate Sensors

BELIeVE can be used to drive a variety of instruments that are designed to simulate the outputs of sensors. For example, some instrumentation OEMs have products that can simulate a thermistor (the resistance of which…

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Simulate User Interaction & Hardware Faults

If your product is to interface with mechanical devices such as switches and buttons, BELIeVE can be used to control an interface board. For example, the switching sides of relays on the interface board can…

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Software Event/Fault Injection

As software engineers will know there is a technique known as mocking. Used during product development, mocking modifies the system’s code to force certain behaviour; typically to make the DUT interpret inputs in a different…

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Test Analogue I/O

Analogue inputs can be exercised in much the same way as the DUT’s input power; i.e. using your benchtop PSU to apply lower and higher values than expected and to make step changes. For more…

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Test Digital I/O

BELIeVE can exercise your product’s digital inputs by driving a digital pattern generator. For example, you may have designed your product to interface with a digital encoder (which outputs Gray code for example) in order…

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